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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  November 19, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> live local, late breaking this, is wbal in h-d. >> good evening, we have breaks news, in west baltimore, police are searching for a woman that shot outside of a funeral home. >> a victim the woman in her 30's was shot outside of brown funeral home, where a wake was taking place. no word whether the victim was attending the wake or happened to be nearby. >> after days of testimony, the fate of sheila dixon, now rests
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in the hands of jurors. the jurors deliberated for several hours today before being dismissed. >> they will return tomorrow and possible they will be out by noon. and even with that happening, dixon is outside of this town hall addressing a string of rapes. and when asked how she could focus on city business and her trial, this is what the mayor had to say. >> i am very focused, i love this city, and i am not worried about what took place today, this issue is important to me. >> tomorrow dixon's focus will on 12 jurors that make up her jury. >> we have details of what
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jurors wanted to know. >> sheila dixon's defense team left the courthouse which way the jury is leaning. >> the jury went to deliberation after lengthy closing arguments, and dixon's lawyers coaxing them to be aware of these searching every cranny, and never could they look at her as someone who conducts her office properly. they asked jurors to end the nightmare and find sheila dixon guilty. and prosecutors lined up gift cards for the alleged theft.
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i don't care if you are the lowest level employee, or the mayor, if you steal you will be prosecuted. this case is about the citizen of baltimore and the children, and they expect the highest dignity in their public servants. gift cards donated by pat turner may have arrived in an unmarked envelope. and a deputy said that, by pointing to dixon, this person did not get this far in life if she can be confused this easily. and laughter broke out when arlnod weiner tried to bring this out in the case. >> during the day's proceedings, there were several unusual moments and we cover
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what the outbursts were about. >> closing arguments in the felony threat trial of sheila dixon drew a packed crowd. >> there is a lot of emotion and drama in that courtroom. >> some of that drama began to perkulate as the team had their evidence. defense attorney arnold weiner poked fun, and his comments draw laughter not just once but several times. yet this did not cause problems with the judge, they say there is no place for laughter in the courtroom. trial observers broke out in applause when mr. weiner had
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closing arguments and the judge used his gavel saying it was not appropriate. >> the members could be influenced by that. >> there is continuing coverage of the trial of mayor sheila dixon on our website. when court is in session, we have made it easy to follow proceedings through live tweets and you can catch the total series. >> tonight two rapists have intensified. police are taking extra measures to keep residents informed. we have more on these investigations. >> city police are investigating nine rapes that happened in the last month, and tonight the focus is on two
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that happened in east baltimore, and so far detectives do not have names to attach to forensic evidence. >> dozens gathered in a church in east baltimore, police are looking for two men that attacked women at a bus stop. >> the fear racheted up on tuesday when a woman was discovered beaten to death in a vacant lot. police are not sure if the reason was for rape. >> sometimes my heart beats because i am nervous whether or not it is him. >> police say they have added 30 patrolmen to the area to help caution women of the
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attacks. >> we are still shocked that ladies are walking around by themselves. >> residents say they are appreciative of the increased security. >> it's bad that it had to get out of hand. >> those gathering at this meeting are taking an active role to find the men on this flyer. >> the sex offense unit has set up a tip line, the number is on your screen, and police say they have received over 100 calls on the tip line. >> tonight city police are investigating whether wet roads played in the accident. police say that a bus jumped a curve and hit a fence, fortunately there were no
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students on board. and the accident tied traffic but everything is now clear. they are working to restore water to businesses and residents, the 50--year-old main broke as thousands of water gushed through the intersections. crews were working on the intersections last night and officials believe that the weight of the equipment may have contributed to the break. >> fortunately because of the lay of the land and the way the roads go, most is draining off. >> crews hope to have the water back on by tomorrow. >> in tonight's education alert, the down economy seems to have sparked a record number of students to head off to
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college, here in maryland the enrollment surge is evident in baltimore county. >> it's a great opportunity to come here and take the same classes for half the price and still get a degree and transfer to a college. >> i think with the current economy, people are finding reasons to go back to school. career change, i worked in real estate and things went bad, so i am doing something difference. to see the college numbers, you can log on to our website and click on education. student enrollment may decrease next year, with the board of regents with a hike in tuition. and hundreds of students are protesting. >> by next fall grad fee will
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jump by $2,500, and sending the costs of the a california campus, and the board of regent says that fees had to go up, because the cash-strapped state government could not meet the needs. >> there are upgrades to help things become more green, this week there was improvement for the stadium to be more energy efficient. the stadium will get high efficiency light bulbs, and heating and cooling systems will be retrofitted. >> more to know how to prevent h1n1. >> and the queen of talk will
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be ending tv. >> and the forecast for the next seven days straight ahead. >> and then it's an over-the-counter supplement helping children to fall asleep.
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>> we are following several medical stories for you tonight, first helping holiday travelers from the h1n1 virus. today the disease control rolled out their travel campaign, nationwide flu deaths are high, and airports make it a prime target to come
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face-to-face can viruses. the cdc is warning to stay home when sick and cover your mouth. >> one important thing that people can do, is travel only when they feel well. >> the campaign will continue through the first of the year in hopes to keep us healthy this season. the senate will hold their first vote on health care, and democrats will need 60 votes to move on. harry reid says that the plan will save lives, the bill will cost $48 billion with many vowing to block the passage. >> the mammogram debate is
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going on, the panel recommended that women not at risk for breast cancer, get their first mammogram at the age of 50, not 40. and then only women be checked over two years, and several breast cancer survivors, and that this will have no impact on death rates, and several doctors say that the key of prevention helps women live longer lives. >> here we have facts about breast cancer and they come out against it. >> medicare and medicaid will still pay for mammograms. for most of us, feeling sleepy at night comes natural, the
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body secretes melatonin. >> but for many, this is not natural for many children and many parents are turning to an unregulated supplement. >> a quick e-mail turned up two parents who give their children melatonin. >> nicky says in the past trying to get daughter cassie, to bed with adhd was a nightmare. >> both of my boys it's kisses and hugs and my daughter would not have it. to the point i would have to hold her to calm her down. >> a doctor recommended melatonin, and now they give it to her every night before she goes to bed.
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>> it's unbelievable, within 30 to 40 minutes of her taking it, she lays down and sleeps well at night. >> lauren's son, charlie has add and suffers from sleep deprivation for years. and his doctor recommended melatonin. >> once i took melatonin, i could fall asleep easier and i was more attentive in class. i started getting good grades. >> the minute he said it was natural, i felt like it was safe. >> we found that the prescribing melatonin to children with certain medical problems is not uncommon, with one doctor saying that melatonin can be a god-send to many children.
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>> most children that have gone through puberty and can't fall asleep at a normal time. >> some of us here in the newsroom know of parents who give them children melatonin without their dr.'s guidance, and they are not alone, many parents are blogging about it. >> one parent says how do i give it to my child and another responds put it in their juice. >> i don't think it's a bad thing, but most parents don't give it at the right time, they are not setting the clock but sedating the child. >> the doctor believes that because melatonin is a natural
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hormone, and there are not studies about it affecting children, and in the u.k. their concerns about the safety of melatonin, you can't get it without prescription, lhra says that melatonin is not allowed for children in the u.k. for the use of the population for any condition. dr. russell is a melatonin researcher, and he believes that while it doesn't hurt a child. >> children are susceptible to things that disturb sleep, so there should be some routine that encourages them to sleep. >> for many melatonin has been
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a god-send. >> my wife is speaking to me again. >> well, it is the end of an era. it's on the horizon for the queen of talk, oprah winfrey tomorrow, she will announce that her talk show will end after the 25th season on the air, the last show date, september 9, she started in baltimore and relocated to chicago, you can watch tomorrow's announcement here on -- at 4. >> tomorrow with the showers heavy, and on the hd doppler not so much thunder and lightning, but there are still a couple of strikes to the
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southwest and to the howard and montgomery county line, and these showers have been moving from southwest to northeast. there would be more that -- more thunder tracking, and up the 95 corridor, and up into hartford county, we are not undone with the unsettled weather, and if you take a wide view, most of the state is dried out. and things should clear up as we head to dawn. and we did pick up some rain, and the almanac updated with a quarter of an inch, and the high temperatures, 61 degrees downtown, that's the warmest it's been all day long. and 60's over on the eastern shore and chestertown, and a
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hint of cooler air trying to sneak into the western part of the state, 48 in virginia, and some cooler air arriving tomorrow morning and on the shore by 6 a.m. and off the shore at 7 a.m. at dawn at 6:56, and this storm will move off the coast, and high pressure builds in behind it and it will expand and strengthen and give us a nice first half the weekend and into sunday. and the skies clear nicely with a brisk wind bringing in the warmer air. and the clouds thicken up and the rain approaches on sunday, probably after the ravens'
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game, and with a brisk wind tomorrow, and 48 in the mountains and temperatures should be able to hit that 60 mark on the bay, and even the low 60's. on the bay, brisk to north west winds gusting up to 20 knots. and warmer into saturday, and rain in the picture sunday night and monday looks wet. >> the ravens have to do more than stopping peyton manning, and here why boss:hey, glad i caught you. i was on my way to present ideas
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>> now 11 sports. >> the ravens know they can't just ask their defense to stop peyton manning, part of that involves keeping the ball out of his hands, and ravens haven't scored a first-half touchdown since week 4, against new england. and last week there was a bog down and a missed field goal,
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and this week putting together time-consuming drives. and the ravens survived a sluggish start against cleveland but won't against the colts. >> the start of that game, i got two plays in late, and that got us off kilter, so i didn't help the situation. i got to do a better job, and we collectively at halftime said this is what we have to do it, and do it. >> while the ravens try to keep their season pointed in the direction of the playoffs, and the blue jays there this weekend, hopkins travels to take on sidney, and in 2005 the jays made their first trip to the playoffs, but lost. and wanting the kids to
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experience the thrill of going all the way. >> we want to win our conference and see what we have, there are division 3 teams but we don't mind going against them, once at this point, you have to play the top teams. >> oriol's manager will get the chance when the market opens at midnight, and starter eric barnard of seattle, could give them what they need, and if he's got reasonable price command. the o's trade to bring back to baltimore.
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giant's place, tim lincecum, with wainwright received more but lincecum allowed him to win the award without the most first points. >> like of like who is on second. >> ok. >> doesn't always make sense. >> tom is up next with the weather. my sunglasses. ( tires screeching )
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>> ok the showers are will coming through, and will be wet for a few hours and tomorrow morning the skies will clear, and back to 60's on saturday and clouds coming in on sunday, and then lingers into monday. early outlook for travel on wednesday, a couple of showers and then windy and cool for thanksgiving day. but that's the way you want it.
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>> yeah, windy and cold. >> thank goodness they are not here yet. if you missed this newscast, and would like to see it again, we have an oncur presentation at midnight. >> ok, steeler fans. >>
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